If you are having a $10 (or like amount) recurring deduction taken out of your bank account (debit card related) or charged to your credit card, you are being scammed. Call 1-800-732-7031 and talk to their customer service department.

DEMAND they cancel the account that you never opened and return all the money deducted from your account. This has more than likely been happening for many months now. I my case it went a whole year before I detected it. They will cancel your subscription and tell you what purchase triggered the subscription.

Give them *** too! In my case it was A1 books. They promised to refund my $120 back to my debit card and I will cancel this card after I receive it and order a new one. Google WLI Reservations and you'll see thousands of people were scammed just like you.

Don't feel too bad! Good Luck.

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