Cumberland Center, Maine

On 2/1/08 found a $12 pending charge on our CC for this Connecticut based company. Contacted our bank immediately who gave us the contact # for this company. Called (webloyalty dba) WLI Reservationrewards to cancel and get refund, which they said they would do. They claim we authorized via a recent purchase through checkout. So, I contacted Shutterfly and had a mouthful to say including that we will never buy from them again. Filed complaint with the Connecticut Better Business Bureau and am filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

I've read some posts where some retailers are unaware of this practice in their shopping carts because they outsource the shopping cart feature. Very sad that they are being shammed, too. confirmed knowledge of affiliation w/wli reservationrewards.

I'm interested in knowing if ppl are filing complaints against the companies and retailers who DO know this is attached to their checkout??? They should NOT be let off the hook.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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